Pizza Bianchis
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For all reservations, we require card details to secure your booking. These details are securely kept with a third party called Stripe and will only be charged if the cancellation terms are not met. We kindly ask you to provide a contact number in order for us to get in touch to get those details from you.


Terms & Conditions


Re-opening & adapting our business during COVID-19

While we’re eager to get things “cooking” in the kitchen again, our priority is to ensure the safety of our guests and staff first and foremost. To ensure a safe re-opening for all our customers, we’ve 

re-adapted our business in line with all government regulations, as well as additional guidance from ‘Food Alert’, the leading health & safety consultants providing specialist food safety and health & safety information for restaurants. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns


  • A new customer layout and table plan is in place and checked to ensure social distancing guidelines are being achieved
  • New systems have been put in place to prevent overcrowding, ensure customer queues adhere to ‘1 metre plus’ social distancing regulations and control the numbers of customers at any given time 
  • Controls are in place to ensure social distancing regulations are maintained between members of staff
  • Staggered service periods have been introduced
  • Markings have been introduced to ensure social distancing is followed
  • Markings have added to ensure one-way system for safest possible restaurant flow
  • Staff member by the door to inform guests of new guidelines and ensure the safety of all guests
  • No walk-in bookings (pre-booked seating only)
  • Controls are in place to reduce items such as sauces, crockery, cutlery, glassware etc from being shared between customer parties. 
  • All surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitised 
  • All commonly touched surfaces and hand contact points on site have been identified and are regularly cleaned and sanitised
  • Tables are sanitised minutes before guests arrive to help to reduce contact
  • Bottles of water/beer/wine are placed on the tables and sanitised between customers
  • Hand sanitiser/sanitising wipes for customers to use are provided on each tale
  • Cashless payment system introduced i.e. contactless/digital payments only
  • Controls are in place for customers safe use of toilets. Guests are asked to wear masks when using indoor toilets
  • Toilets are being cleaned and disinfected regularly
  • One-way toilet system has been introduced
  • PPE is provided and used by staff upon request 
  • Mandatory temperature checks for all to be taken on arrival


  • A policy in place regarding ‘1 metre plus’ social distancing whilst at work
  • All names and contact details of everyone attending are recorded when making a booking 
  • Staff receive regular training, briefings and updates regarding COVID-19 
  • Training material is available and easily accessible for all staff
  • Staff behaviour is monitored to ensure compliance with policies and procedures
  • A health & safety person is appointed for each shift to ensure safety measures are being adhered to
  • Management can provide help and advice to staff regarding any COVID-19 concerns
  • Managers and designated persons are aware of and know how to spot symptoms of COVID-19
  • Managers and designated persons are clear on relevant processes, i.e. sickness reporting and procedure if someone is infected
  • A sickness policy has been established regarding COVID-19
  • A clear policy has been established for what is expected of employees if they get sick, have symptoms, or if an exposure is reported
  • All staff must complete a health questionnaire prior to returning to work daily
  • Controls are in place in relation to protective clothing, staff changing procedures and personal belongings
  • Controls are in place regarding travelling to work, i.e. where possible, staff will avoid taking public transport to limit risk of exposure and physical contact
  • Car or taxi shares with colleagues will be considered if safe to do so


  • We ask for 12 hour notice of a cancellation or reduction in numbers and reservations that fail to give this notice will automatically incur a £25pp fee.
  • For all reservations we require card details to secure your booking. These details are securely kept with a third party called Stripe and will only be charged if the cancellation terms are not met. We will contact you prior to your reservation via telephone or email to confirm your booking – we are unable to hold unconfirmed bookings. We politely ask you to contact us if you are running late as we can only hold tables for 15 minutes and will release it if we have not been contacted. 
  • Names and details of ALL guests to be included in the reservation (other comment section). Those details are to be kept for 21 days in case an outbreak occurs and guests need to be contacted.
  • Bookings of minimum 2 and maximum of 6 guests to be accepted only 
  • Recommended that guests from same household groups – or support bubbles – or with one other household, (according to the new rules) are welcome


  • Restrictions are set on the number of people going into small spaces i.e. only one person at a time
  • Work areas are established in order to minimise overall travel around the kitchen
  • Staff are to follow strict personal hygiene rules of hand washing
  • Kitchen staff must wash hands between tasks and change gloves regularly
  • Hand washing facilities to be routinely cleaned and sanitised
  • Hand washing facilities to be fully stocked with anti-bacterial hand soap, paper drying towels and 60% Alcohol hand sanitiser (as required)
  • Cleaning and sanitising of all hand contact surfaces to be taking place regularly
  • Controls to be in place regarding visitors and contractors
  • Non-essential visitors to the kitchen to be avoided


By making a reservation at Pizza Bianchi you agree to our Terms & Conditions. We look forward to welcoming you to Pizza Bianchi.